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• ANUSANDHAN KENDRA – here cows are looked after , for their health and various activities.

• ORGANIC FERTILIZER PROJECT – with the help of bacteria, which decompose the cow dung, or urine and other vegetative components, powerful organic fertilizers are produced here. This is very useful to the soil as it makes it soft.

• MILK PRODUCTION CENTER – the milk is extracted by natural method after providing sufficient amount of milk to calves without using injection, and musical surroundings. The milk is delivered directly to home. It is very pure.

• INDIAN COWS CARE CENTER – the cows are protected from slaughter houses, wherever possible. It is done with te help of care-takers and police.

• ORGANIC FARMING & RESEARCH FARM – the view of today’s farmer is that farming can only be done by using chemical fertilizers, but exactly opposite is seen here. Only organic fertilizers are used for vegetables and fruits which has high rate of production and good quality.

• PANCHGAVYA MEDICINE PRODUCTION CENTER – very beneficial products like tooth-powder, soap, ubtan etc. are made here with the panchagavya of Indian cows and other herbs.

• TRADITIONAL GHEE PRODUCTION CENTER - 50 % of the total milk produced here is used for making ghee. Here instead of extracting ghee from cream, it is done by traditional method, by initially heating milk and then mixing 1 litre of curd in every 50 litres of lukewarm milk.

• AHINSA PRACHAR PRASAR RATH – this rath is responsible for creating awareness regarding AHINSA TIRTH in various villages. The rath is covered with different posters, and all the kalyani medicines are displayed here.

• FARMER TRAINING CENTER – the famers are trained here for making fertilizers themselves, so that they should not do cow selling and cows should get saved in villages.

• GRAMUDHYOG TRAINING CENTER – people are trained here for making useful products from panchgavya, which helps in increasing employment.

• GOBAR GAS POWER PRODUCTION CENTER - 2 gobar gas plants are together set up here.
     a.) 85 tone cubic metre (per day 2500 kg of dung along with water is used here)
     b.) 145 tones cubic metre (per day 3500 kg of dung along with water is used here)

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