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It has been told in literature books, that all Gods and Goddesses reside in the body of cow. It’s just not a saying. R.C. BAFNA GOSEVA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA is an establishment of Mr. R.C. BAFNA, with a view to protect our mother cow, and different animals, and is against killing of them. This centre aims at complete safety of animals and different birds by using different modern and traditional methods. The outcome of this pure thinking are the different benefits that are obtained in the form of various useful products that you would see here. R.C. BAFNA GOSEVA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA spreads the message of humanity, love, honesty in the society.

The centre consists of modern laboratories in which various experiments are carried out on PANCH-GAVYA resulting to the medicines which are free from side effects and useful over number of diseases. Pure milk, ghee, curd, cow dung, cow urine are produced here and delivered to betterment of man. The main target of R.C. BAFNA GOSEVA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA is to make our mother cow independable and create awareness in the minds of people regarding it.

In Hindu religion ‘Tirth/Dham’ is known as the sacred place; where all people go atleast once in their lifetime; & ‘Ahimsa’ is known as ‘Giving-Up the Hinsa’ i.e. killing or cruelty against any one. Hence ‘Ahimsa tirtha’ is the sacred place where you give up the hinsa against human & all animals. This is the main aim of ‘Ahimsa Tirtha’.

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