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It has been told in Religious books, that, all Gods and goddesses reside in the body of cow it’s just not a saying our saints had found medicinal values in milk ,butter and urine of cow and also proved useful for various unusual diseases. R.C. Bafana go seva Anusandhan Kendra has carried out various experiments in modern laboratories on Panchgavyaand prepared medicines named Kalyani which for free from side-effects, and they have been proved very successful against unusual diseases.

The aim of R.C.Bafna Go Seva Anusandhan Kendra in today’s hustle and bustle life is to avail cow’s milk products and cow- urine, to make our mother cow independent.

Kalyani Gomutra Ark Useful for all diseases and also to decrease cholesterol.
Dosage :20 ml in 1 cup of warm water (morning & evening)
450ml: 80 Rs
200ml: 40 Rs
Kalyani Gomutrasav Useful for dama, asthma, cough & cold.
Dosage :20 ml in 1 cup of warm water (morning & evening)
200ml: 50 Rs
Kalyani Harde Churna For all types of stomach issues such as ,acidity, gas trouble, stomach ache, cubj.
Dosage :1 spoon after lunch & dinner
50gm: 40 Rs
Kalyani Gomutra Kshar Churna Useful for breathe diseases, cough.
Dosage :1 spoon morning & evenimg in warm water along with nagarweli pan, tulsi leaves.
50gm: 25 Rs
Kalyani Massage Oil Helpful for pain in joints, cramps, swelling.
Method :massage,and use hot water bag with hot salt.
50ml: 60 Rs
Kalyani Gomay Oinment Cures skin diseases, rough skin, pimples, etc.
Method :use as per requirement.
25gm: 20 Rs
Kalyani Panchgavya Grut Special for jaundice, feets, brain weakness. Also acts as energy raiser.
Dosage : 10 ml to mix with cow's milk or along with water (morning & evening)
100ml: 200 Rs
Kalyani Gomutra Dhanvati Useful for various diseases and it also increases immunity.
Dosage : 2 tablets in warm water with empty stomach (morning & evening)
60 tabs: 40 Rs
Kalyani Vati To remove habit of tobacco, cigarette, alcohol, etc addictives.
Method :1 tablet when required.
30tabs: 60 Rs
Kalyani Chirayata Vati For curing illnes , beneficial for all diseases.
Dosage and method : 2 tablets in warm water (morning & evening)
60tabs: 20 Rs
Kalyani Kruminashak Vati For removing stomach germs
Method & dosage : 1 tablet for kids, 2 for adults, along with jaggery (morning & evening)
20tabs: 20 Rs
Kalyani Hair Oil To prevent hairfall, for peace of mind
Method & dosage : to be applied on hair at night by doing massage.
100ml: 100 Rs
Kalyani Gomay Tooth Powder Teeth protection, tooth ache, smell and teeth polish, useful for powder
Method : to be used on teeth
50gm: 40 Rs
Kalyani Mosquito Repellant Coil Useful over mosquitoes, and to keep atmosphere pleasant.
Method :keep burnt and open doors and windows after 20 minutes.
10pcs: 15 Rs
Kalyani Devdhup Batti Atmosphere control, for pooja purpose, to maintain oxygen level in batti room.
Method & quantity :as per requirement.
10pcs: 15 Rs
Kalyani Pure Gomutra Useful over wounds , white spots, and for purity of home.
200ml: 20 Rs
5ltr: 75 Rs
Kalyani Pure Indian Cow Ghee Healthy, power enhancer, useful for medicines, improves brain, useful for children, as well as old people.
100gm: 200 Rs
200gm: 400 Rs
500gm: 850 Rs
1kg: 1700 Rs
Kalyani Panchagavya Glycerin Soap Made from vanaspati oil (free from animal fat)
: 50 Rs
Kalyani Panch Gavya Shampoo Shampoo with ritha, shikakai, amla, for beauty of hair and against hair diseases.
: 25 Rs

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